Bulmen urges to introduce and develop new digital marketing tools that can help the marketers to spread the word about their products or services cost effectively. We understand the importance of advertisements and how a targeted marketing strategy can make a product hit or flop.

Showing the right product or service to the right person with the right message is all we have been doing since our inception. The models that we create to make your offerings popular in turn also fetches financial benefits to the subscribers and therefore they take up the message very seriously.

To inculcate holistic approach in our advertisement strategies, we not only pass the message to the targeted subscriber but also offer the service of market research, SEO/SMO, social media marketing and much more. We have also lined up the introduction of e-commerce and e-wallet to expand the horizon of our services.


Advertisers have been struggling hard to choose the right marketing pattern between offline media and online media. Somehow majority of them have managed to develop and maintain a decent website that could explain their product or service in elaborated form.

However making it searchable and popular is still a mystery for them. Search engine optimization seems like rocket science to most of the marketers and results are never satisfactory. Additionally, there was no guarantee that it has been hit by right target audience or subscriber base. Search engine optimization proved to be a time consuming and expensive process for the corporates who have been curious to get the instant result.

Hence SMO was considered to be taken as secondary method of advertising. To overrule these shortcomings of SMO, the concept of PPC come into picture where a particular website or link is shown on the basis of demographics or search history of the targeted audience.

This method proved to be an effective marketing tool for gathering better website visibility and more potential leads. The only trick to get more successful hits is to choose right targeted audience and appropriate keywords.

We have been doing the similar service of sharing markers’ website to the right target audience for more popularity and visibility.

Market research

Before a product or services is launched and marketed for the right customer base it is really important to understand the feasibility of the product or service by gathering the consumer insights and feedback. This can be done before or after designing the product, depending on the type of result you want to gather.

This marketing technique is extremely helpful in shaping the right product and checking its workability in the market. The parameters that can be checked in market research method are functionality, design, pricing, size, packaging, target subscriber and even defects. It gathers the subscribers’ opinion by asking a set of product or service based questions.

These replies are then collected and statistically treated to fetch the collective results. The number of results gathered will depend on scope of your project, however the thumb rule says that higher the number of responded, better will be the results of market research.

We also have similar service for our marketers, the number of varied demographic responds are available with us to answer the market research based on your product and service.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is emerging as queen of all advertising methods. It is more fun to use and more creative in nature. The advertisers have freedom of opting professional or non-professional services for SMM operations, also they can choose desired budget or can use free of cost services.

Since it is more informal mode of communication with subscribers, the focus has to be put on the quality of content and graphics that you publish as these messages are subject to be shared between consumers, their friend’s relatives and other referrals. Also the engagement plays a very important role in spreading around your publicity message.

This engagement of your publicity messages can be organic or paid depending on your marketing strategy the concept of paid SMM in becoming more popular due to high exposure and better visibility to the targeted subscribers base also you have scope of creating your message more interesting or appealing by inducing creativity or humor into it.

We also offer the service of social media marketing by giving better exposure to your messages as we have targeted subscribers base that have regular access to social media websites.