Company Profile

Company Profile

The man Behind bulmen


Bulmen is an digital marketing company established in 2014 to provide digital marketing solutions to the marketers and work opportunities to its subscribers.

By offering a proven work opportunity to the subscribers, Bulmen aims to offer a reliable source of earning with best in the industry technical and manpower support.

Bulmen is driven by the mission of “Empowering people through paychecks and technology”. This philosophy motivates each member to make sure that you continue to earn enough in long run.


Manpower: Bulmen started up its operations with a tiny team of less than 5 members and after 2 years from then the team grew up exponentially, currently having many employees which are professionally qualified and experienced in their domain.

Technology: The concept of Bulmen was launched with one page responsive website which has now been expanded to multiple page elaborate website.

Marketing: Started up with promotion on social media websites, we have been able to reach our voice through print and digital media, google marketing, newspaper advertisements and event sponsorships.

Franchisee Base: More than one business unit associates with us every month. As of now, we have many franchisee units working for Bulmen at different cities and in different states.

Subscriber Base: Our subscriber base, that works with us as subscribers continues to grow by many folds every month. Many regular subscriber work on our website everyday and withdraw their payment without any interruption.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Our prompt client service and technical support to each subscribers makes us stand out of the crowd.

There is no middle man transaction, subscriber pays subscription fee to the Bulmen and the Bulmen pays them for their work.

We confidently reveal who we are and what we do, all our contact, location and other information are available at your fingertips.

Legal company registration and proper documentation makes our transactions clear and transparent.

We have dedicated teams for all your problems, be it technical, financial or work related. Our franchisee system makes us available to you locally.

Bank Guarantee to your franchisee ensures safety of your payment.

Subscriber Concept

Any one can join Bulmen as subscriber who has:

  • A smartphone or computer with internet connection
  • An operational bank account to receive monthly payments
  • A valid mobile connection and email id to get work, payout and subscriber id status updates

Earn monthly income by working which can be done from android mobile, computer or laptop

Subscriber is required to complete work between 9.00 AM and 12.00 midnight on each working day

Franchise Concept

Bulmen Franchisee refers to the business units that offers our services and promotes our brand in their area.

Each franchisee is allocated with the commitment of all the marketing support and profit sharing on whatever business the respective franchisee turns up.

The basic profile of franchisee is to provide financial assurance to the subscribers and to expand the subscriber base of Bulmen. All the branding and promotional material along with dedicated control panels are basic deliverables to franchise.