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Technology styles an integral part of any employment. Whether the automation is used for remodeling the shipment of products and services or it helps in contributing to the organizations with the means to make better cardinal decisions, technology is the most relevant building block for any contemporary day business. According to every institution IT is progressively becoming an influential part of their institution. Technology is no more a mere eyewitness but it is now at the intermediary of business scenario and the data accumulated from it can be used by institutions to get, store and consider relevant knowledge to outstrip their contenders. Bulmen business helps to do just that.

Digital technology presents avant-garde ways to associate, incorporate, conduct business and convey to people, it touches the interior of all business affairs and even the ways institutions are handled. Digital business targets more on the people and faster proceedings, and it is used to support people like customers, employees, managers, to succeed, in all business affairs and make your business more suited and productive. Bulmen has helped institutions to expand digitally and grow bigger.


Irrespective of how big or small your business may be. Bulmen has helped many to plan their business in development in such a way that it has supported its clients to bring about the goals they wish. With the support of digitization of institutions, all institutions are trying to outstrip their rivals and succeed. In case you are thinking of expanding your business digitally, then you could definitely take the help of Bulmen and benefit from it.

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Bulmen is an India based online marketing company registered under Ministry of corporate affairs. It offers part-time work to the users which can be done from anywhere using computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is an authentic online job application that helps us to earn money through filling surveys, clicking links and many other online tasks. Both advertisers and potential earners have ease of working with us through mobile or tablet by downloading Bulmen app in addition to desktops. They offer business opportunity to the franchise to be a part of the Bulmen and represent them in their locality.
We can earn money for clicking and viewing websites. We can earn money by selecting answers of our own choice for each question, we will get paid no matter what answer we select. People can join as user with desired plan and then work for 10-15 minute everyday on this mobile app from anywhere. We can work as a user, franchise, or master franchise to earn extra money.  
Whats new
1. New plans are added in work panel
2. OTP system while registration is introduced for better security and verification
3. App sharing feature has been added for wider scope of earning
4. Bugs in previous versions are removed
Offered By
Bulmen Marketing
Private Limited
Visit website - Email
164/105, Sector-16, Haldhi Ghati Marg,
Pratap Nagar, Sanganer,
Jaipur [RAJ.]

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Bulmen:Social Media Marketing

Today every day we are seeing new inventions and ways coming up to earn money. The extensive usage of internet among the people today, has given rise to many ways of earning money on the internet. Most of these are simple and easy way of doing so, but many people are unaware of such methods. People today are always logged onto their Facebook or Twitter accounts and are constantly posting pictures and giving their views on many things. Whether from a laptop or a PC or a smart phone, people today are always hooked onto the internet. But most don’t know that these are all good ways to earn money. Bulmen is such a company which provides you with a platform for earning money while doing the things you like on the internet and never imagined you could earn from it. No matter where you are by using the Bulmen platform, you can earn money by liking a Facebook page, following someone on Twitter or by giving reviews about things you like or dislike. Most people do all this on the social networking site but get nothing in return. Here is where Bulmen is different and it provides you with the opportunity to earn money by doing all this on your favourite social platforms and also earn money. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than sitting at home and doing all these favourite activities of yours while earning money. You don’t need any specific time to do this and no need to put in long hours. Just do a few quick surveys, give reviews, follow a few on Twitter and like a few pages on Facebook, and your job is done. While you enjoy doing this stuff you can also earn money which is a great opportunity this platform provides to all students, housewives, retired employees or to people who want to earn some extra money.

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Bulmen – Digital business expansion

Technology now forms an important part of any business. Whether the technology is used for improving the delivery of products and services or it helps to provide the organisations with the tools to make better strategic decisions, technology is the most important building block for any modern day business. All organizations see that IT is becoming an increasingly important part of their organisation. Technology is no more a mere bystander but it is now at the centre of business strategy and the data collected from it can be used by businesses to get, store and analyse relevant information to outdo their rivals. Bulmen services help to do just that.

As digital technologies offer innovative ways to connect, combine, conduct business and reach out to people, it touches the centre of all business functions and even the ways organizations are managed. Digital business focuses more on the people and faster processes, and it is used to help people like customers, employees, managers, to succeed, in all business functions and make your business more relevant and profitable. Bulmen has helped many a business to expand digitally and helped them to grow bigger.

No matter how big or small your business may be. Bulmen has helped all to strategise their business in formation in such a way that it has helped its clients to achieve the goals they desire. With the help of digitization of business, all business are trying to outdo their competitors and succeed. Bulmen has helped all its clients to achieve the digital expansion they require and has provided them with the right solutions to all their problems. So. If you are thinking of digitally expanding your business, then you could surely take the help of Bulmen and its services. It is one of the best and its best known for its great ways and services.

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Why do paid survey and PTC sites lost trust?

 It is a universal fact that online work based income has many advantages over the full time professions, it not only saves much of your time and efforts but also allows you to take care of other responsibilities at same time. Every professional and fancy website that offer fee registrations has very less money compensation or worthless recharge coupons in return of clicking numerous websites.

If we look the other side of the coin, you will find websites that gives you pretty good amount at the cost of certain membership fee, however over the period of time when such website gain trust of the masses they disappear after fetching handsome amount from its members.

The loophole lies in the fact that majority of websites never discloses its real identity or physical presence. The one that has widespread network and that truly reveals its authenticity like office address, contact details, name of the founders or directors and the company registration can be trusted as legitimate online earning website

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Online Earnings: Advantages and Challenges

 Many of us have been tempted sometime on our life to work on one of the legitimate website that offers substantial income with no investments and less screen time. To obtain one of such sources, we keep on browsing and signing in on numerous websites that are difficult to comprehend along with little or no immediate work to offer. Finally we broke down with frustration and disappointment when we earn a few pennies or useless recharge coupons in return of browsing hundreds of signups and form fillings.


No Matter how tedious is to find an authenticate website that offers  work at reasonable compensation ,you will always have the advantage of working at your own time and location without disturbing your other responsibilities. The candidates who need to have additional income source, housewives, full time mothers or retired employees or anybody else who can spend only their flexible timings will indeed have advantage from working online job platforms that may need your opinion or just few minutes of browsing.


Therefore, in times where technology and globalization has touched every aspect of your life online job platforms gives you an edge over income and time utlization

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